Netizens Are Sharing Dreamy Pics Of Japan’s Cherry Blossom And They Are Phantasmagorical!

by Tooba Shaikh
Netizens Are Sharing Dreamy Pics Of Japan’s Cherry Blossom And They Are Phantasmagorical!

One of the things that come to anybody’s mind when you think of Japan is the beautiful and delicate cherry blossoms or Sakura trees. Anytime you picture the country, Sakura will definitely feature somewhere in the image. Well, Japan’s cherry blossom season is finally here and the country is aglow with a delicate pink blush! Netizens have taken to Twitter and are sharing mind-blowing pictures on the micro-blogging website. Here’s a glimpse!

Netizens Share Dreamy Photos Of Japan’s Cherry Blossom

Sakura is the national flower of Japan. It produces the cherry fruit and each year, people await its blooming season so that they can admire its delicate pink blossoms. They usually bloom in the months of March and April. People from all over the country are sharing pretty flower photographs!

Here is an awe-inspiring picture of a cherry blossom tree that is 330 years old. It is absolutely humongous and is located in the Yamanashi prefecture.

This user also shared an absolutely stunning picture of cherry blossoms in the Kyoto region of the country.

Even the deers seem to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms in the country! Watch this beautiful video of the Deer lounge in Nara Park in Japan.

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Beautiful Pictures & Beautiful Traditions

Each year, the people of Japan love to go have a day-long picnic at their closest Cherry blossom park. It usually involves lots of food, drinks, and singing. Of course, people also love to take lots of pictures.

If you couldn’t wrap your head around the 330-year-old cherry blossom tree above, here’s a tree that is more than thrice as old! Here’s a tree that is at least 1,000 years old!

There are about 400 cherry blossom trees on the bank of the Nagara River. This pristine river is located in the city of Gifu in Japan.

Here is another breathtaking picture of the Shiroishi Castle whose beauty is elevated tenfold by the blooming of cherry blossom trees in its surrounding.

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Which of these pictures did you love the most? Have you ever witnessed these beautiful trees in person? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image Credits: @johnmccollough/Twitter