Mumbaikars, Get Ready For Some ‘Extra Butter’. Not To Eat Silly, The Streetwear Brand

by Tejashee Kashyap
Mumbaikars, Get Ready For Some ‘Extra Butter’. Not To Eat Silly, The Streetwear Brand

While Mumbai has traditionally been known for its diverse and vibrant fashion scene, the influence of streetwear and sneaker culture has become more pronounced. Sneaker conventions and events have gained popularity in the city. One brand that continually stands out in the lively world of streetwear and sneaker culture is Extra Butter. This well-known store, which has its roots in New York City’s financial district, has now opened in Mumbai.

NY’s Extra Butter Comes To Mumbai

New York-based streetwear and fashion boutique brand,  Extra Butter, unveiled its first international location outside of the United States in Mumbai. Extra Butter is positioned as a globally recognised streetwear brand with an eye for product stories and a deep-rooted love for the community. Essajees Atelier interior designer Sarah Sham did wonders to keep the shop’s true New York City ambience.

This new location promises to bring a comparable assortment to that of its New York City counterparts, including labels like Adidas, Asics, Nike, New Balance, Puma, and others, in addition to the retailer’s own exclusive clothing line. The clothes department is a haven for fashion aficionados looking for an engaging story because it combines classic streetwear staples with exclusive collaborations.

Moreover, this Mumbai location also has a pleasant indoor-outdoor commissary thanks to a collaboration with renowned restaurateur Aditi Dugar’s TwentySeven Bakehouse. The new Extra Butter Mumbai store opens starting this Saturday, Sept. 09

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Mumbai’s Streetwear Collection

Areas like Bandra, and Colaba Causeway in Mumbai are known for their fashion-forward residents and boutique stores. These neighbourhoods often serve as hubs for streetwear and sneaker enthusiasts.

Mumbai boasts a growing number of streetwear boutiques and stores that stock a wide range of apparel, sneakers, and accessories. Moreover, several homegrown streetwear brands have emerged in Mumbai, offering unique and stylish clothing inspired by street fashion from around the world. These brands often collaborate with local artists and designers to create one-of-a-kind collections.

Well, you can say, Mumbai’s streetwear and sneaker culture is equivalent to the global trends. This homegrown is quite similar to what’s happening in fashion hubs like New York, Tokyo, and London.

So, when are you heading to this new store?

Where: Utopia City, Madhusudhan Road, Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Lower Parel
When: Monday – Sunday; 11 am – 9 pm