Mumbai’s Belgium Consulate Receives 20 Visa Applications Per Hour! Here’s Why

by Shreya Rathod
Mumbai’s Belgium Consulate Receives 20 Visa Applications Per Hour! Here’s Why

Belgium, a country located in Western Europe, is one of the well-known travel destinations. Besides beautiful scenery, the place is famous for its chocolate, beer and waffles. According to the Consul General of Belgium, their office in Mumbai receives 20 visa applications per hour!

Mumbai’s Belgium Consulate Receives 20 Visa Applications Per Hour

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Belgium has been attracting more and more Indian tourists as a result of its rich history, architecture, food, and culture. Frank Geerkens, Consul General Of the Kingdom of Belgium in Mumbai, told TravelBiz Monitor on the sidelines of the ‘Visit Brussels’ event that the location is less well-known to Indians than other European cities.

According to him, Belgium is a fantastic travel destination, but unlike Paris or London, it is less well-known in India. But when tourists come to their nation, they are mesmerised. Speaking of visas, he stated that the Mumbai location of the Belgian Consulate receives 20 requests for visas per hour. He also urged individuals to apply for visas according to the correct method and with valid documents.

They noticed an increase in travel after the Covid limitation was relaxed, and everyone wanted to leave at once. The consulate added that applicants should submit their visa requests at least 15 days before departure.

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The Two Countries Have Friendly Ties

belgium visa
Credits: Canva

Speaking of ties between India and Belgium, he stated that the two nations have a friendly and warm rapport. India is a country that Belgium’s citizens, businesses, and universities are very interested in and both parties are eager to talk. He claims that the ‘Visit Brussels’ event will further solidify the relationship between the two nations. In fact, they need to work more to promote Belgium in India.

Pieter Callebaut, international business developer for ‘Visit Brussels’, identified India as a prospective market and expressed a desire for high-quality travel to this region. He noted that as of right now, the Indian market’s business is not suitable. However, because India’s market has so much potential, we have made significant investments there. The splendour of the old world and contemporary culture and trends blend well in Belgium.

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This European treasure is home to several stunning locations for all kinds of tourists, from historic castles to contemporary architecture.

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