Joote Do, Beer Lo! At This Bar In Belgium You’ll Be Served Beer Only If You Deposit Your Shoes

by Shreya Rathod
Joote Do, Beer Lo! At This Bar In Belgium You’ll Be Served Beer Only If You Deposit Your Shoes

For all partygoers and, of course, beer lovers, Belgium is a treasure of a location. It’s one of those locations that also boasts a thriving bar and pub scene. It’s also one of the top places in the world for beer enthusiasts. However, did you know that there is one bar in Belgium where you must leave your shoes behind in order to have a beer?

Want Beer? Leave Your Shoes At This Belgium Bar

Alcohol glasses appear to be another item that individuals in this area are pursuing in addition to alcohol. And there has been a worrying trend of souvenir hunting for some time. The proprietors of pubs are getting tired of this worrying trend.

To prevent this, a few businesses have begun taking precautions to guarantee the safety of their priceless glassware, some of which may cost up to 50 Euros each piece! Some people have begun utilising beer glasses that are secured with an electronic anti-theft tag to each glass in order to prevent theft.

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In order to tackle this problem, this Belgium pub asks its customers to deposit their shoes if they want beer! According to a report by Times Of India, Dulle Griet in Ghent had an original concept. You will need to leave your shoe here as collateral if you want to enjoy a beer. You will be reunited with your shoes after finishing your beer, just like Cinderella.

Dulle Griet In Belgium Asks Customers To Deposit Their Shoes

People have reportedly gone barefoot after leaving their shoes behind, but nobody has attempted to enter the bar without shoes up to this point. Be aware that Dulle Griet accepts all styles of shoes and does not discriminate in this regard.

Alex Vriendt, the proprietor of Dulle Grient, added that a flip-flop is not as pricey as a beer glass. Shoes are placed in a basket that hangs from the ceiling when consumers give up their shoes. And trust us, folks are willing to leave their shoes behind in exchange for a tasty beer.

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If you are in Belgium and want to go for drinks at this place, be sure to deposit your shoes before getting a beer!

Cover Image Courtesy: Café De Dulle Griet/ Instagram