Muscat, Salalah, Dammam & Kuwait; Travel To These 4 Destinations Under AED 60 With Wizz Air

Wizz Air
by Deeplata Garde

We want summer vacations but we also want affordable itineraries. Flight tickets are soaring and last-minute bookings would cost a bomb! So what do we do? We search for affordable airlines that would make our distant dream of a summer break come true! Wizz Air to the rescue. Abu Dhabi’s affordable airways are back with an amazing offer. Fly to these 4 destinations for just AED 59. Yes, it’s true let’s find out the destinations.

Summer Break To These 4 Destinations Will Cost You Less Than AED 60


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Cheap airline tickets are nearly always available; some of them can even be purchased for less than the price of a large pizza. Particularly low-cost carrier Wizz Air Abu Dhabi is providing travel to four locations for as little as Dh59.

You can reserve this absolutely amazing price for travel planned for specific days next month. From the UAE, you may already go a thousand miles, experience a unique culture, and take in stunning vistas. That is a one-way ticket, but if you pick the appropriate date, you might travel back for the same price.

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Let’s Jot Down The Destinations You Can Fly With Wizz Air


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1. Kuwait

The greatest antiques, furniture, and carpets can be found in Kuwait City, which also houses some of the main tourist destinations in the Gulf nation, along with traditional Arab attire. It is also well-known for having one of the nation’s oldest markets, Souq Al Mubarakiya, which provides a genuine shopping experience.

You can make reservations for the Dh59 flight from Abu Dhabi to this location between June 11 and June 23. You can get a ticket to return to the UAE for the same cost.

2. Dammam

Travellers who like to go fishing and diving love Dammam as a location. Nestled in the serene Arabian Gulf, it offers a thriving arts, sports, and entertainment scene in addition to lush parks, open waterfronts, and sandy beaches. If you’re flying between June 19 and June 26, Wizz Air can take you to this Saudi city for Dh59. Even if the return trip to Abu Dhabi may be slightly more expensive, it will still be considerably less expensive.

3. Salalah

This Omani tourist spot is well known for its lush vegetation. The monsoon may make the environment humid in June, although the temperature is still lower than in most other sections of the region.

On June 10 (Saturday), Wizz Air Abu Dhabi will sell a Dh59 ticket to Salalah. You’ll pay the same price for a flight from there back to the UAE Capital if you’re returning in three to four days. Definitely a deal.

4. Muscat

The city of Muscat is the ideal location if you want to learn more about Omani culture and visit some of the nation’s well-known sites. Don’t forget to browse the colourful souks, where you can find spices and other interesting souvenirs.

On June 18, you can take a flight for Dh59 to the capital of the sultanate, and on June 23, you can return for the same price.

Book your ticket before Wizz Air changes its offer.

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