“My Plate Is Free Of Tears”, Woman’s Tweet About Being Vegetarian Starts Heated Debate

by Shreya Ghosh
“My Plate Is Free Of Tears”, Woman’s Tweet About Being Vegetarian Starts Heated Debate

We have grown up seeing many people around us enjoying only veg food items and living their lives as a vegetarian. Many people chose to be vegetarian either for health issues or because of their love for animals or simply grew up in such a household. As time are passing and people are using more social media, many Internet users began talking about such concepts online. The online battle between vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is quite a common sight and now a similar post on this concept has stirred a major debate.

“Proud To Be A Vegetarian”, Shared A Twitter User

Twitter user Subuhi Khan (@SubuhiKhan01) took to the platform to talk about her diet and how she is proud of being a vegetarian. She shared a photo of her plateful meal consisting of white rice, a vegetable stew, and some desi curry. She tweeted this photo captioning “My plate is free of tears, panic, guilt, anxiety and fear”.

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Her post on this concept of eating a vegetarian meal “free of tears, panic, guilt, anxiety and fear” is raising lots of opinions among thousands of Twitter users.

The Reactions Are Very Contrasting!

Shared on 28 June 2023, the tweet has already grabbed the attention of millions of Tweeple. In just about a day and a half, this tweet by Subuhi Khan has already garnered over 3.5 million views with more than 40K likes and thousands of comments and retweets. This tweet on being a vegetarian and its caption have stirred quite a heated conversation on the microblogging platform.

Many Twitter users are praising her for being a vegetarian and avoiding all kinds of non-vegetarian food.

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On the other hand, a lot of Twitter users are commenting how her statement is incorrect. An array of comments are about pointing out that plants and leaves also have lives. Some are even commenting that people who consume non-veg food are not evil and many are even adding meat to their diet as their health needs it. Here are some similar tweets from the online controversy.

What do you think about this viral tweet?

Cover Image Courtesy: Subuhi Khan (@SubuhiKhan01)