Heartbreaking Video! Food Delivery Agent Eats From Plastic Bag In Parking Lot; Netizens Are Glum

by Sanjana Shenoy
Heartbreaking Video! Food Delivery Agent Eats From Plastic Bag In Parking Lot; Netizens Are Glum

Food delivery apps have brought convenience right to our doorsteps. At any time of the day, even in the wee hours of the morning, with a click of a button, we get freshly prepared and packed food in a jiffy. While food delivery agents spend hours visiting restaurants, picking and delivering hot meals, how often do they get the comfort of relishing a meal like us? In a heartbreaking video, a food delivery agent is seen eating from a plastic packet in a parking lot in between deliveries.

Video Of Food Delivery Agent Eating From Plastic Packet Takes Over  Internet

Awanish Sharan (@AwanishSharan) took to his Twitter handle to share a heartbreaking video that will leave you with a lump in your throat. The video shows a Zomato delivery agent standing in what looks like a parking lot. In between his deliveries, he is seen eating a meal out of a plastic packet placed on his delivery bike. He quietly eats his humble meal while standing next to his bike, taking a short break before he gets back to his deliveries. 

The Twitterati, Awanish Sharan, in the caption, urges everyone to take care of food delivery agents in this weather too. While we often get meals delivered right at out doorsteps by these agents, working tirelessly all day, we rarely stop by to think if they’ve eaten their meals or even offer them a glass of water. And this video holds a mirror of society that the people who feed us may stay hungry or not have the leisure or comfort to enjoy a hot meal out of plates and cutlery like us.

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Give Tips, Offer Them Food & Water

One person in the comments section urged Netizens to give tips every time they order food online. Another Twitterati commented that he always offers biscuits, fruits, milk and sherbet to food delivery agents. Their smiles are priceless, he says. Many others commented that it’s heartbreaking to see such videos.

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Do tell us what did you feel when you watched this video. Also, do chime in about how you bring a smile to the faces of food delivery agents.

Cover Image Courtesy: @AwanishSharan/ Twitter