Nagaland Minister Temjen Imna Along Is A Big Foodie, And We Relate MAX To Him!

by Shreya Ghosh
Nagaland Minister Temjen Imna Along Is A Big Foodie, And We Relate MAX To Him!

Temjen Imna Along is one of the most well-known Indian politicians on social media. Just like other politicians and ministers, a huge part of his social media platforms are about his state Nagaland, India, and more such official and important information. But what makes Temjen Imna Along the most unique among everyone is his tweets about his love for food. If you follow him on social media, you surely know what a massive foodie he is. Let’s take a look at all the foodie diaries.

Temjen Imna Along Lives Food And Here Are Some Tweets About That!

His latest tweet is amusing the Netizens and winning their hearts. He shared a photo with some girls standing behind him. While they are posing to take a picture with the Nagaland minister, he is busy enjoying his delicious food. You can see the tweet here.

Having a moment with yummy foods is something that no one can say no to. Every foodie can surely relate to him.

If you do not like eating vegetables, Temjen Imna Along has some message for you. He is inviting everyone to Nagaland where you will get to see “how to party with the greens”. The video shows so many veggies and we are quite sure that the recipes prepared using these are going to be the most delish and mouth-watering.

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Temjen Imna Along shared another photo where he is seen very busy enjoying his food. As shared in the photo, he is seen with another man posing for the camera. While the man smiles at the camera, Temjen is so engaged in enjoying his food. It seems like he was relishing some dosa.

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He Wished Everyone On World Food Day!

When he got to know that it was World Food Day on 16 October 2022, he shared a photo of him indulging in a burger and milkshake.

When a Twitter user named Green (@CraneBird9) requested the Nagaland minister to share photos of foods from his state on World Food Day, he shared some photos of authentic delicacies.

Temjen Imna Along shared 4 delicious spreads of many dishes. Take a look at the photos here.

We love to read his tweets where he shares his love and passion for food. What about you?

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Temjen Imna Along (@AlongImna)