Foodies Assemble! Tanmay Bhat’s Tweet On Bhakarwadi Has Amused Twitterati

by Shreya Ghosh
Foodies Assemble! Tanmay Bhat’s Tweet On Bhakarwadi Has Amused Twitterati

Bhakarwadi is an emotion for Gujaratis and Maharashtrians. The crunchy crispy snack just soothes our souls with its delish taste. A perfect addition to the evening chai time, this food item is simply one of the most loved and popular snacks in India. Foodies do not even need tea to enjoy it always. A bowl full of bhakarwadi while doing anything and everything just sets the mood right! Recently, Tanmay Bhat expressed his love for this famous snack on Twitter and we are relating to it so much.

Tanmay Bhat Has United All The Bhakarwadi Lovers In His Latest Tweet!

The comedian took to his official Twitter handle @thetanmay to start a Twitter thread about this spiral-shaped snack. And ever since he tweeted about bhakarwadi, foodies are sharing their love for this incredibly tasty snack. We know how consuming too many snacks at one go can upset the stomach. So many people stop themselves from gorging after some time. This part of resisting is really difficult and we are sure that you can relate to it too. Tanmay tweeted “Really respect people who can resist bhakarwadi” and we also have the similar feeling towards these people.

Bhat continued the thread with another tweet “ever crumbled some bhakarwadi with hot dal rice” and this is a yummy combination to try.

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Foodies Are Relating To The MAX!

Shared on 27 March night, the tweet has certainly made its way to all the bhakarwadi lovers out there. Twitterati is sharing their love for this Indian snack in the comments and even talking about how they enjoy eating this snack. Tanmay’s tweet now has more than 99K views with over 1900 likes.

Here’s how the Netizens are reacting!

Murukku is yet another popular Indian snack and you surely need to try it if not tasted it yet.

It indeed is!

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Now ,this seems to be a great combination!

Bhakarwadi: the ultimate midnight snack!

Oopss!!! This is another level of love and dedication!

Once you try bhakarwadi, you certainly won’t be able to say no.

More and more pairing for this Indian snack.

Are you a fan of bhakarwadi too?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva, Twitter/ Tanmay Bhat