Nakuul Mehta Starts A Debate On Insta By Pitting Gulab Jamun Fans Against Rosgulla Lovers; His Favourite Is…

Actor Nakuul Mehta recently tried Kasauli's famous Gulab Jamun Buns. And then started a Gulab Jamun vs Rosgulla Insta debate.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Nakuul Mehta Starts A Debate On Insta By Pitting Gulab Jamun Fans Against Rosgulla Lovers; His Favourite Is…

Team Gulab Jamun or Team Rosgulla, what’s your pick? Well, actor Nakuul Mehta recently started a big debate on Instagram by pitting Gulab Jamun fans against Rosgulla lovers. Read on to know which sweet is the actor’s favourite. We have our pick, do you?

Nakuul Mehta Tries Kasauli’s Famous Gulab Jamun Buns


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Nakuul Mehta on a trip to Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh with his family made an unusual discovery — Gulab Jamun Buns. He shared a reel on Instagram documenting his reaction as he takes a bite of this unusual dessert-like dish. The actor hilariously asks if people would cancel him if he said Gulab Jamun Buns were a thing. The reel shows a vendor places a gulab jamun inside a bun, crushing it with a spoon and then roasting it in oil. The result is a crispy bun with sweet-soft stuffing of jamun in it.

What’s Nakuul Mehta’s reaction to it? His eyes lit up and he seemed to be “gobsmacked”. Nakuul Mehta surprisingly liked this dish. And it’s not just Nakuul Mehta even Ayushmann Khurrana commented his love for this dish. In the caption, he started a debate. He made a controversial food statement which said that people say you’re a kinder person if you think Gulab Jamuns are greater than Rosgullas.

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Starts A Gulab Jamun Vs Rosgulla Debate On Insta

No points for guessing, a food battle ensued in the comments section. Journalist, Nayandeep Rakshit put the ball in Nakuul Mehta’s court when he said, “You’re the kindest if you think Bengali sweets are the best”. Actor Mukul Chadda clearly chose Gulab Jamuns over Rosgullas. But he did admit that stuffing jamuns in buns was taking things a bit too far. Well, Nakuul Mehta is on Team Gulab Jamun. And if you ask us, we’re such mithai lovers that we’ll battle on behalf of both teams.

When it comes to Gulab Jamun Buns, Curly Tales Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani got a bite of this iconic dish in Kasauli too. Priced at just ₹50, this dessert is found at Narinder Sweets on Mall Road. Just like Ayushmann Khurrana and Nakuul Mehta, even Kamiya Jani seemed to enjoy this Gulab Jamun Bun.

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So, which team are you on? Also, would you ever try these Gulab Jamun Buns too?

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