Navroz 2024: 8 Authentic Recipes To Bring The Spirit Of Parsi New Year To Your Table!

Discover the essence of tradition and the joy of sharing good food with loved ones.

by Mallika Khurana
Navroz 2024: 8 Authentic Recipes To Bring The Spirit Of Parsi New Year To Your Table!

As the vibrant season of Navroz approaches, it heralds not only the arrival of spring but also invites us to embark on a culinary journey through the rich and flavourful traditions of the Parsi community. Navroz, the Parsi New Year, brings with it a delightful array of traditional Parsi dishes that are not only delicious but also reflect the rich culinary heritage of the Parsi community. From hearty meat dishes to aromatic rice delicacies and indulgent desserts, Navroz celebrations are incomplete without these iconic recipes.

Best Parsi Recipes For Navroz

1. Salli Boti By Get Curried

Salli Boti is a tantalising Parsi meat dish featuring tender pieces of meat cooked in a flavourful gravy and topped with crispy potato sticks known as “salli.” The combination of tender meat and crunchy salli makes this dish a true delight for the senses. With this recipe by Get Curried, recreating this Parsi classic at home becomes an achievable feat, allowing you to savour its authentic flavours in the comfort of your own kitchen.

2. Berry Pulao By Rajshri Food

Berry Pulao is a fragrant and colourful rice dish that epitomises the fusion of sweet and savoury flavours in Parsi cuisine. Rajshri Food’s recipe guides you through the process of layering aromatic rice with succulent berries, nuts, and spices, resulting in a dish that is as visually stunning as it is delicious. Perfect for festive occasions like Navroz, this dish is surprisingly simple to make at home. It will certainly ensure that you can impress your guests with its exotic flavours and vibrant presentation.

3. Parsi Akuri By Cookd

Parsi Akuri is a delightful scrambled egg dish infused with spices and herbs, offering a burst of flavour with every bite. Cookd’s recipe simplifies the traditional method, making it accessible for home cooks of all skill levels. Whether enjoyed as a hearty breakfast or served as a side dish during festivals, Parsi Akuri is sure to become a favourite.

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4. Patra Ni Macchi By India Food Network

Patra Ni Macchi is a quintessential Parsi dish featuring tender fish fillets marinated in a tangy and aromatic paste, wrapped in banana leaves, and steamed to perfection. India Food Network’s recipe will certainly ensure that you achieve restaurant-quality results in your kitchen. This elegant dish is not only a feast for the taste buds but also a visual spectacle that adds a touch of elegance to any Navroz celebration.

5. Chicken Farcha By Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

Chicken Farcha is a Parsi twist on fried chicken, featuring succulent chicken pieces coated in a flavorful batter and deep-fried. Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana’s recipe reveals all about preparing the marinade and achieving the perfect crispy coating. It will ensure that you recreate the authentic flavours of this Parsi favourite at home. Whether served as an appetiser or enjoyed as a main course, Chicken Farcha is sure to be a hit.

6. Lagan Nu Custard By Yummefy

Lagan Nu Custard is a decadent dessert that holds a special place in Parsi cuisine. It is often served at weddings and festive occasions. Yummefy’s recipe simplifies the traditional method of preparing this creamy custard infused with flavours of cardamom, nutmeg, and caramelised sugar. With just a handful of ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions, you can whip up this indulgent treat to add a sweet ending to your Navroz celebrations.

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7. Parsi Mutton Cutlets By Roxanne Bamboat

Parsi Mutton Cutlets are savoury and aromatic patties made from minced mutton, potatoes, and a blend of spices, coated in breadcrumbs and shallow-fried until golden brown. Roxanne Bamboat’s recipe provides helpful tips on achieving the perfect texture and flavour balance. It is certainly an ideal dish for both casual meals and special occasions. With its irresistible taste and satisfying crunch, these cutlets are sure to be a crowd-pleaser at any Navroz gathering.

8. Doodh Na Puff By Cuisine Canvas

Doodh Na Puff is a delightful Parsi dessert with a sweetened milk mixture, flavoured with rose water. Cuisine Canvas’s recipe offers a simplified approach to making these heavenly treats at home. Doodh Na Puff is sure to add a touch of sweetness to your Navroz celebrations.

This Navroz, let these iconic Parsi recipes be a flavourful reminder of the richness of tradition.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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