Neeraj Chopra Likes To Take Back Fragrant Soaps From 5-Star Hotels

by Ankita Mazumdar
Neeraj Chopra Likes To Take Back Fragrant Soaps From 5-Star Hotels

Neeraj Chopra keeps adding sparkling gold to India. Firstly, he won gold in the Javelin Throw at Summer Olympics 2020. Now, he has honoured India and its citizens with another gold medal at the World Athletics Championships 2023 for the Javelin Throw. We are so very proud of Neeraj Chopra! In our Sunday Brunch episodes, he joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani. They converse in depth about his family, childhood training days, his massive 2020 Olympic win, and more. Watch the entire episode to learn everything he shared.

Neeraj Chopra Likes To Take Back Fragrant Soaps From 5-Star Hotels

To make this brunch even more exciting, we decided to play a fun game called ‘Never Have I Ever’ with him. With each of his responses, our laughter grew bigger and bigger. We asked Neeraj if he ever stole anything from his 5-star hotel stays. He quickly replies that he has indeed taken sweet fragrant-smelling hand soaps.

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He was aware that stealing towels and other stuff is chargeable and can be quite expensive, so he only took hand soaps. We all take soaps and shampoos once in a while, or maybe it is always…

He Also Told Us About His First In-Flight Experience

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We wanted to know about his first in-flight experience and how exciting it was for him. Neeraj cheerfully told us that during his childhood days, he used to run to the terrace and watch planes and helicopters fly over. It was always a dream for him to fly in an airplane. In the year 2013, he travelled to Ukraine for the World Youth Championship.

He went from Delhi to Moscow with a friend. The entire flight, they kept the window open and kept looking at the mesmersing clouds. He added that thunder and lightning constantly flashed throughout and it made his first time flying experience even better. Hence, it was a dream come true for Neeraj, and we love that for him!

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Did you know he got into an elbow accident just before his massive Summer Olympics 2020 Olympics? Catch the episode to know more about it!

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