Neeraj Chopra Narrates Hilarious Story In Maldives & It Involves A Romantic Dinner Setting

by Mallika Khurana
Neeraj Chopra Narrates Hilarious Story In Maldives & It Involves A Romantic Dinner Setting

Every time a sportsman succeeds in an international tournament, it is a moment of glory for the entire nation that he represents. One such amazing athlete who brought immense glory to India is Neeraj Chopra, the golden boy. After winning a gold medal in the javelin throw at the 2020 Olympics, he instantly became a sensation. A humble boy from Haryana, he has reached great heights of success with his talent and hard work. On this amazing episode of Sunday Brunch, he joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, and shared a lot about his life before and after the massive win. Watch the episode to learn all that he shared!

Neeraj Chopra Shared A Funny Incident From His Trip To Maldives

To make things exciting during our conversation with him, we decided to play ‘Never Have I Ever’ with him, and it was amazing. First, we asked him if he had ever set something on fire. Well, he had the most relatable answer to this one. While he hasn’t set anything major on fire, he often forgets about the chai while he is making it, and his phone is almost always the reason for this distraction.

During this fun game, we asked him if he had ever been on a blind date. Even though he hasn’t, he has a hilarious incident to share from his trip to the Maldives. He went there with one of his friends, and on his day there, the management informed them of the special dinner arrangements that were made for them by the beach. 

While they were walking to the beach, they spotted a romantic setting with lights and flowers and assumed that someone was probably going to have a great date. They were surprised when they got to know that what they set up was for them only.

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He Talked About His Journey Towards Olympics

Neeraj Sunday Brunch
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During our conversation, Neeraj Chopra revealed that he never really joined sports with the intention of eventually representing India or playing on an international level. Even when he found his passion for javelin, he kept at it only because he loved it. His family’s main intention in pushing him towards sports was fitness. Well, how amazingly did things turn out for him?

Did you know he got into an accident just before the Olympics? Catch the episode to learn all about it!

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