Neeru Bajwa Goes The Extra Mile For Her Long-Spanned Career

She has no fear of being judged by others whatsoever.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Neeru Bajwa Goes The Extra Mile For Her Long-Spanned Career

We had a blast on this lovely episode of Sunday Brunch with Jatt & Juliet stars, Neeru Bajwa and Diljit Dosanjh. Our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, spoke about how Neeru keeps winning hearts with her acting skills and cute smile. So today, we will talk about the Canadian beauty, Neeru and her fabulous career in the film industry.

Neeru Bajwa’s Long-Spanned Career

While on the topic of success, Kamiya highlighted that Neeru delivers blockbuster hits in the Punjabi film industry and is a queen for doing what she does. She has a large fan following who shower her with love and kindness every day. Neeru said that she is incredibly grateful for such amazing opportunities that come her way.

However, she also reflected that there was a time when she felt suffocated. It was because she projected herself as a typical Punjabi girl on and off screen, especially on sets. She believed it was the right way to stay in character throughout.

Slowly, the Canadian actress realised that her fictional character intervened too much and she was losing her true self. Then, she let go of this fake projection and embraced her true self by living her life on her terms. Our guest said that now she feels the best and has no fear of being judged by others whatsoever. This is how she goes the extra mile by being her true self for her long-spanning career.

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Her First Time In Mumbai

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Kamiya asked Neeru how often she visits Mumbai for work purposes or other things. She told us that her first time in Mumbai was some 11 to 12 years ago when she stayed in the city for a while. Kamiya had done some digging about the same and spoke about how Neeru’s first time in the City of Dreams was not a memorable experience.

This prompted her to laugh out loud and said that it was best to forget as she gets quite emotional talking about it. On the other hand, she was optimistic and said that life depends on timing and it was great how things had changed.

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She called Mumbai a part of her career journey. Now, she is extremely content with the city where she interacts with sweet individuals and promotes her upcoming films.

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