New Railway Station At Ayodhya To Be A Look-Alike Of Ram Mandir

ayodhya station
by Pratiksha 2646

It was only last month that the Supreme Court doled out the verdict on the infamous Babri Masjid case. The case languished in various courts for the longest time and had it been an open case since 1992. The dispute happened after a group of Hindu reformists vandalised the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya. The reason behind it according to them was that the masjid had been made on the same ground as a temple for Lord Rama. After 27 years, the Supreme Court decided and sided with the Hindus and the land was granted to them to construct a temple. Following the verdict, the people in Ayodhya and are now planning on remodelling their station to look like the Ram Mandir.

ayodhya station

Image credits: Patrika

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Ayodhya Station To Be A Look-Alike Of Ram Mandir

According to the railway sources, the station was supposed to be remodelled back in 2018 but since there was a lot of complication surrounding the verdict, they held off on it. But now that the Supreme Court has announced the verdict, they can start working on it. And boy, do they have big plans for it.

ayodhya station

Image credits: DNA India

However, it is going to take some time to build the actual temple, the remodelling of the station is already underway to give people a glimpse of what the proposed temple will look like. The renovation is supposed to be completed by Diwali 2020 which is symbolic since Diwali is celebrated to herald the victorious return of Ram from Lanka.

The temple is supposed to bear a close resemblance to the temple have and have grand pillars and domes. It will display the culture and heritage of Ayodhya and will have deities of Ram and other Gods. Besides transforming the station altogether, there are plans to add more facilities and amenities for passengers as well. The estimated cost for the station has been set at 80 crores.