After Statue Of Unity, 251 Meters Lord Ram Statue In Ayodhya To Be Tallest In The World

by Angel Srivastava
After Statue Of Unity, 251 Meters Lord Ram Statue In Ayodhya To Be Tallest In The World

It’s like the war of the statues in North India and the UP Government is all set to beat Gujarat in the game. The UP Government will be building a 251-meter tall statue of Lord Ram in Ayodhya and claims that it would be taller than the Statue of Unity of Sardar Vallabhai Patel in Gujarat, making it the tallest in the world.

Image Credits: telegraph India

What Is It?

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath has announced that a statue of Lord Ram will be built in Ayodhya, and it is going to be the tallest statue in the world with a height of 251 metres. This announcement was made on July 22nd after a cabinet meeting.
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The statue is to built on a 100 acre land along the river Saryu in Ayodhya. The 251 meters high statue will also have a 20-meter high circle over it. The statue will have a base of 50 meters, and the statue of Lord Ram will have a bow, arrow and a quiver

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What’s More?

Around the statue, a grand museum will be built under the 50-meter high pedestal, of the statue showcasing the things related to the life of Lord Ram. The museum will narrate the history of Ayodhya, covering the period of Ikshvaku dynasty from Manu till the birth of Lord Ram. All the incarnations of Lord Vishnu will also be shown in this museum through modern technology.

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So far, the total cost of the project has been estimated to be Rs 2500 crore which will be spent in three phases. The UP government will also sign an MoU with the Gujarat government for technical assistance.