New & Upcoming Restaurants In Delhi Can Now Function Without The Approval Of Tourism Department

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar1405

Are you planning to open a new restaurant or an eatery in Delhi? You can now do so without the approval from the Department of Tourism. To ease things up for the new entrants in the food business, the government has terminated the process of granting permissions to standalone restaurants in the capital. The decision comes as a significant relief to the restaurant industry in Delhi. The restaurant industry is already suffering due to the COVID-19 downfall, and ease of doing business was important.

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Cafe Delhi Heights

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The Old Scheme Of Union Ministry Of Tourism

The ease of doing business was brought up by various officials last month. Before June 2003 the Union Ministry of Tourism implemented the scheme for granting approvals to restaurants on an All India basis. However, the plan was discontinued from June 30, 2003, and states were asked to formulate their guidelines. Dining Out & Grocery Shopping More Dangerous Than Flying During Pandemic Reveals Study.

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Revised Scheme Of Tourism Department

The new scheme was adopted by the Department of Tourism, GNCTD in the same year for all restaurants having more than 30 seats. However, owing to the current pandemic situation, the Chief Minister has asked to remove the voluntary scheme of approving standalone restaurants. This Will Be The Future Of Eating Out In India, Post Lockdown.

Cafe Delhi Heights

Cafe Delhi Heights

The notification to remove Grant of Approval by the Tourism Department to standalone restaurants will provide relief to the hospitality industry. It will also encourage their economic growth and generation of employment in the industry.

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