Nightclubs, Gyms And Spas TO BE SHUT In Delhi Till March 31 To Prevent Coronavirus Spread

by Kanika Sharma
Nightclubs, Gyms And Spas TO BE SHUT In Delhi Till March 31 To Prevent Coronavirus Spread

In order to avoid a large gathering of people, the Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal announced on Monday that all nightclubs, spas and gyms will be shut till March 31.

Why Is It Happening?

The country is trying to combat the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Even though the total number of cases have gone beyond 100, numerous measures are being taken to make sure that it somehow doesn’t spread further. One such measure was announced by the Delhi Chief Minister, which revealed that nightclubs, gyms and spas will be shut till March 31.

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This is being done in order to avoid a gathering of more than 50 people at any given spot. This will also cover social, political, religious and family events. However, weddings have been excluded from this, but the CM has requested the citizens to postpone it, if possible.

What’s More?

According to news reports, Municipal Corporations have been asked to install mobile wash basins, so that more and more people have access to washing their hands often. Not just that, hand sanitisers have already been put at entry and exit gates of various buildings as well.

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Last week, closure of Delhi schools, colleges, swimming pools and cinema halls was announced as well. However, the decision with respect to closure of malls is yet to be taken. Taking more precautions, cabs and autos are also being disinfected for free at bus stations.

Even though the government has set up quarantine camps, it is also typing up with hotel groups like Lemon Tree and Ibis, so that those who are dissatisfied, can pay and stay at these hotels.