No Bill, No Payment At Railway Stations As The Authorities Launch A Special Drive

by Mrunal Mahajan
No Bill, No Payment At Railway Stations As The Authorities Launch A Special Drive

Alert commuters, if you purchase food from the railway counters, ask for your bill! In a special drive conducted by railway authorities, the ‘no bill-no payment policy’ has been introduced. This will be applicable across central and western railways and was introduced so that the vendors do not overcharge the customers.

According to Mumbai Mirror reports, this special drive was conducted to ensure that the vendors do not take advantage and are asking for the right price for the item and nothing more than that. Robin Kalia, the senior divisional commercial manager said ‘This policy is an outcome of overpricing tactics of the vendors ..’


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So, if a vendor refuses to give you a bill, tell them they will not be given any payment. This strict policy must be applicable everywhere as this restricts the vendors/ shop owners making the ‘extra money.’ The reports also mentioned that there will be surprise visits by the officials which will keep a tab on the activities by the shop owners.

The authorities are creating awareness across all railway lines and making sure that bills are generated all types of shops and even smalls units like vans even smalls shops inside the platforms. Don’t give in to high prices assuming that they are ‘railway rates.’ Drives and keeping a tab will most definitely make life easier of the commuters.

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Among many other initiatives, the addition of ‘one rupee clinic’ has proved to be a boon for commuters and there is an attached medical that gives medicines at discounted prices. These clinics are functional at stations like Ambernath, Thane, Ghatkopar, Mulund, Kurla, Wadala among others.