Indian Railways To Reduce Time Taken Between Delhi-Howrah, Delhi-Mumbai

by Madhusree Chatragadda
by Madhusree Chatragadda488

When it comes to trains, the travel time is always a bone of contention. No matter how comfortable the journey is, it still takes WAY more time to reach your destination as compared to planes. And with air tickets becoming cheaper, more and more people are opting for air travel rather than choosing trains. Which is why Indian Railways is now trying to reduce the hours in a journey so that you reach your destination faster.

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Delhi- Howrah, Delhi- Mumbai Routes
Currently, the Delhi-Howrah and the Delhi-Mumbai routes take about 17 hours on the Howrah route and about 16 hours on the Mumbai route to complete its journeys and reach their destinations. But the Indian Railways wants to reduce this time to a much more shorter duration, by cutting down the current duration by 5 hours each.


How To Go About This
To achieve these statistics and reduction in time, the Indian Railways is making a whopper of an investment! How much you ask? Rs 14 thousand crores. Yes, just for the infrastructure that would be required to achieve this goal. Work regarding the construction and other instruments needed has to start lates by 31 August 2019 and no delays are to be made. The overall plan consists of 100 days. Think they can set it up in 100 days people?

Most Scenic Train Journeys In India

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Once it is achieved and work completed, the travel time will be decreased drastically. On the Delhi-Howrah route, it will take you only 12 hours. And on the Delhi-Mumbai route, It will take only 10 hours! Good news eh? Now reaching your destination faster even while travelling in trains is possible thanks to the Indian Railways with a grand investment and a shorter implementation time period.


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We can’t wait to travel on these two routes which will become the fastest once it is in motion. No more long waits and frustrating rides people. You all agree?

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