No Confirmed Train Ticket? Fear Not, Trainman App Will Get You Flight Ticket If Your Train One Isn’t Confirmed!

Trainman App
by Shreya Rathod 193

Having a jam-packed schedule requires you to make informed decisions, especially about travel. Often the train bookings are on a waiting list till the last moment. The passengers either cancel the plans or are left standing near the door of the train. Hence, people are very apprehensive while booking railway tickets. To ease this inner conflict, the Trainman app has a new feature for train travellers.

Trainman App New Feature For Non-Confirmed

The Trainman app provides assistance to you in making a confirmed decision on train bookings. This app has features like comparing ticket costs of various trains and a fare calculator. But the interesting feature is their waiting list predictions. The app uses a history of train bookings and the train confirmation procedure. This helps in deciding whether the seats will get confirmed or not. The app uses a percentage method to guide its customers and guarantees a stress-free booking. What if the predictions are not right? Well, they have run tests of almost 5 million train PNR and decided on an average precision of 83%.

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Train Assurance And What Is Different About It

Trainman App

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The app provides train assurance. Well, so does the IRCTC App and website and other applications. The uniqueness of this one is the Trip Assurance fee varies on the basis of the confirmation percentage. Under this assurance fee, flight tickets of the cities that have airports are provided if the train tickets are not confirmed despite the confirmation rate. But if the tickets get confirmed, the assurance fee will get refunded to the customer. Moreover, the assurance fee is as low as ₹1.

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Hassle-free travel is the ultimate goal when we plan a vacation and the Trainman app will help you achieve it. Try this app to book your next train tickets and do share your experience below in the comment box.

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