Bengaluru-Chennai Train Travel Time Will Now Become Shorter

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Bengaluru-Chennai Train Travel Time Will Now Become Shorter

Train journeys are the most fun ones, even though they take the most time. Sometimes, the journey becomes a lot tiring because of the travel time. The journey between some states takes a lot of time because of the routes. For Example, the journey from Bangalore to Chennai takes more time even though the states are not much far. But not anymore. The train travel time between Bengaluru and Chennai will be shorter. 

Bengaluru – Chennai Rail Route

 Every day, thousands of commuters travel between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. One of the very few roads leaving Bengaluru that is both electric and double track is this one. The Shatabdi express, which runs between Bengaluru and Chennai and travels 359 kilometres in about five hours at an average speed of 72 kmph, is now the quickest train on this route. Other trains, like the Lalbagh express, go at an average speed of 61 kmph and take 5 hours and 55 minutes. The other trains on this line typically go at a speed of between 55 and 61 kph. The proposal is to get a detailed project report over the same and then strengthen the tracks so that the trains can run at a comparatively higher speed. 

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A DPR On  Bengaluru – Chennai Rail Route 

Chief Public Relations Officer for South Western Railways, Aneesh Hegde told Bangalore Mirror that they are in the process of bringing a detailed project report. The report is to check the feasibility of the trains running on this route if the speed is increased. The trains currently travel this line at a maximum speed of 110 kmph in some places. He further said that curves need to be flattened, tracks need to be strengthened, barricading will be done when necessary, and bridges will be renovated and made suitable for that speed in order to boost the trains’ speed.

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