No More Happy Holidays! UAE Expats Are Paying 2x As Go First Flights Remains Uncertain!

by Anupriya Mishra
No More Happy Holidays! UAE Expats Are Paying 2x As Go First Flights Remains Uncertain!

It hasn’t been long since the Go First flight crisis came to light. With cancelled flights and longer wait times for refunds, the airline has left its passengers unsettled. As it happens, passengers not only in India but also in countries such as the UAE have been affected by the crisis. Yes, UAE expats are now shelling out double the amount for airfares with the impending summer vacation.

UAE Expats Paying More Due To Go First Uncertainty

While Go First is expected to resume flights later in May, albeit with a reduced schedule, people who have booked their flights with the airline are still in a state of uncertainty. As it happens, many UAE expats are cancelling their flights or rescheduling them due to the fear of cancellation and exorbitant airfares. According to a report by Khaleej Times, people who had made bookings with Go First to travel to their hometowns in India are now wondering what should be the next plan of action as the situation is uncertain at its best.

Some have already gone ahead and cancelled their flights, and are now buying tickets for direct flights by paying extra. The report also mentioned that some are paying fares as high as AED1,500 for a direct flight, which they earlier made the booking for AED650 a ticket with Go First. However, there are others who are still waiting to see what will happen before they re-schedule their travel.

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Tourists Have Been Left With No Alternatives!

Pic credits: Pexels

There are some people who have also ended up cancelling the trip due to the higher airfares. However, tourists have been left with no option! Yes, those who had come to Dubai for their summer vacation and had booked the return flights with Go First, are now looking for cheaper options due to the uncertainty of the flights. As it happens, travel agents are also waiting for refunds and notice from the airlines, since many of their clients cannot fly due to cancelled flights.

It is indeed a sticky situation for travellers, who are looking to spend a relaxed summer vacation.

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