Noida’s On The Road To Become Completely Discharge Free

by Angel Srivastava
Noida’s On The Road To Become Completely Discharge Free
Noida is on the road to become a ‘Zero Discharge City’ by 2021 by recycling and reusing sewage water and we couldn’t be more proud.
Taking inspiration from Nagpur, a city that recycles 90% of its sewage water, Noida is aiming at 100% sewage regeneration. With six sewage treatment plants, the city aims to distribute the treated water through 20-km long pipelines for the purpose of irrigating parks and other areas that might need water.

Additionally, the Noida authority has signed a pact with the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) to supply 160 million litres (MLD) of treated water per day, to be used by the latter for cooling and maintaining their plants.

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Taking note of the high demand for residency in the skyscrapers of the city, the authorities have also disseminated information regarding the giant water treatment plant in Sector 168, which will now increase its capacity from 50 MLD to 100 MLD.