Not 1 Month But 3 Months, Umrah Visa Has Been Extended By Saudi Arabia

by Deeplata Garde
Not 1 Month But 3 Months, Umrah Visa Has Been Extended By Saudi Arabia

The Umrah visa has been increased from one month to three months. This is according to the Saudi Arabian Minister of Hajj and Umrah, Dr Tawfig Al Rabeah. Approximately 12,000 Uzbek pilgrims participated in the most recent Hajj season. The kingdom’s minister noted that authorities had raised the number of travellers after the COVID-19 pandemic subsided.

Increased Validity Of Saudi Umrah Visa

The minister continued by saying that all umrah practitioners will be subject to this. After a two-day official visit, the minister made this declaration during a meeting with Uzbek ministers in Tashkent. The Saudi Arabian minister spoke about establishing prestigious ties and measures to enhance bilateral collaboration in a number of fields.

Saudi Arabia previously allowed e-visa for multiple entries and a total stay of 90 days. As a result, you had 90 days to enter and exit the nation as often as you like.

Additionally, this e-visa expired a year after its issuance.

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Thousands Of Tourists Flock For Umrah Flock To Saudi Arabia

Over 36,000 people from Uzbekistan performed Umrah during the last two months.  The majority managed to visit Madinah and pray at Al Rawdah Al Sharifah and visited religious and historical sites in Madinah.

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Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan announced many agreements for collaboration across several fields during his visit. The majority of the agreements are related to the Hajj and Umrah. It’s indicative of the leadership’s strong efforts to advance Islam and Muslims and the main technique for pilgrims and Umrah practitioners.

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