Not Just Amarnath Yatra, Jammu & Kashmir To Boost Religious Tourism With 75 New Destinations

by Shreya Ghosh
Not Just Amarnath Yatra, Jammu & Kashmir To Boost Religious Tourism With 75 New Destinations

Jammu and Kashmir offer magnificent experiences of exploring the verdant greenery, scenic landscapes, marvellous natural beauty, and takes you a step closer to nature’s lap. Another primary reason why hundreds and thousands of visitors visit Jammu and Kashmir every year is to take part in the Amarnath Yatra. And now the administration has taken significant steps to boost religious tourism here.

Jammu and Kashmir’s Religious Tourism To Be Enhanced!

Jammu & Kashmir
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2022 witnessed spectacular numbers of visitors travelling to the region after the COVID-19 pandemic. As stated in the government data, more than 1 crore tourists explored this mesmerising destination in the last year. And now seeing the significant growth in tourism, the Jammu and Kashmir administration decided to earmark 75 destinations there to boost religious tourism and attract more visitors.

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Syed Abid Rashid Shah is the Tourism Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir. In the Jashn-e-Adab—Cultural Karavaan event, he talked about the destinations’ tourism sector, according to a report by Hindustan Times. 2022 indeed was a great year for the tourism sector and 2023 is recording better numbers than last year. Syed Abid Rashid Shah was quoted saying, “We are bypassing last year’s tourist influx this year by leaps and bounds”. A significant influence on the growth of this sector in Jammu and Kashmir and more foreign visitors’ footfall is the G-20 Tourism Working Group meeting. Srinagar hosted this meeting.

Here Are Some Initiatives Taken To Boost Tourism

Jammu & Kashmir
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The Tourism Secretary shared several steps taken to bolster the sector and attract more visitors to this stunning destination. The government promoted 75 offbeat places in Jammu and Kashmir to celebrate the local culture. They have also earmarked 75 destinations to promote religious tourism. Another step is earmarking 75 destinations to provide great spiritual experiences.

With such excellent steps to present natural beauty and welcome tourists from different parts of India and international countries, it looks like the tourism sector might be able to hit the record of visitors travelling to this destination.

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Have you taken a trip to witness the natural aura of Jammu & Kashmir? If not, you surely need to explore this destination soon!

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