Not Just Garam Garam Chai, You Can Even Take A Bite Of The Tea Cup At Kolkata’s Appa’s Tea Stall

This tea stall in Kolkata's Baghbazar is famous for its chai served in flavoured edible cups.

by Shreya Ghosh
Not Just Garam Garam Chai, You Can Even Take A Bite Of The Tea Cup At Kolkata’s Appa’s Tea Stall

Bengalis and their love for bhaar er cha (tea served in cups made of clay) are eternal! Thousands of people line up outside tea stalls in every corner of the state to enjoy the magic of bhaar er cha, sip on the deliciousness of milk tea, and have a grand adda session. Continuing in colloquies for decades, the fascination of drinking cha in roadside stalls never ceases to end. Safe to say, cha runs in our veins. Well, have you ever thought if you could not only drink tea but also eat the cup? Seems unusual, right? It is actually a reality and you can relish both at Appa’s Tea Stall in Kolkata.

Head To Appa’s Tea Stall & Enjoy Edible Tea Cups

From good old clay cups to plastic to paper, there has been a shift in using cups in roadside tea shops. No matter what kind of cups become a trend, clay cups always are a favourite. In between all such options, Appa’s Tea Stall in the City of Joy introduced something exciting, an edible cup that you can gorge on after drinking the entire tea. This small tea shop in Baghbazar came up with this one-of-a-kind idea some time back. It is already a favourite of most customers.

Subhajit Raychowdhury, also known as Appa dearly, is the mastermind behind this unique representation. Not only does he make delicious chai but he also knows the tricks to win people’s hearts. And in an attempt to do so, he introduced the unique concept of edible cups. There are some delectable flavours of cups available at Appa’s Tea Stall. From Chocolate to Mango, there are choices for flavours such as Nolen Gur, Pesta, Strawberry, and much more.

An edible cup loaded with yummy chai costs just ₹30. Spending only ₹30, you are not just getting a big cup of tea but also getting to enjoy the sweet edible cup made with wafers and different flavours. It looks like a steal deal for me. What do you think? Every time you visit Appa’s Tea Stall, you will see customers lining up to sip chai, especially the special duo of tea and edible cups. In a short time, the tea shop has gained massive popularity among tea lovers of the city.

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What More Can You Try Here?

The stall is a small establishment in Baghbazar but the menu is quite the opposite. From tea to coffee, you will find quite a few options of beverages on this tea shop’s menu. From Masala Tea to Kesari Tea, there are options for Chocolate Tea, Darjeeling Green Tea, Lemon Honey Tea, Oreo With Ice Cream Coffee, Chocolate Coffee, Creamy Coffee, and more. The best part is that the cups of beverages do not cost a lot and are affordable. Even the unique and experimental ones are not that expensive.

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The next time you are in Baghbazar, make sure to visit the famous Appa’s Tea Stall and grab a bite of the flavoured edible cups, only after drinking the tasty chai.

Where: 39, Bagbazar St, Bidhan Sarani, Baghbazar, Kolkata

When: 7 AM – 10 PM

Cover Image Courtesy: Facebook/ Appas tea stall

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