Not Toilet Paper Or Face Masks, People Of Netherlands Stocked Up Weed Before Lockdown

by Kanika Sharma
Not Toilet Paper Or Face Masks, People Of Netherlands Stocked Up Weed Before Lockdown

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, there are numerous countries that have gone under lockdown. While we are hearing news about grocery stores getting emptied, nothing being left on the shelves, there is rather an unusual news that caught our attention. People of Netherlands were seen queueing up to buy weed before the lockdown.

What’s More?

A New York Times reporter Christiaan Triebert recently tweeted pictures from numerous Dutch cities where people were seen standing outside weed shops to ‘stock-up’ before public places shut down.

Picture Credit: Christiaan Triebert

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This urgent need to visit ‘coffee shops’ was realised when the government announced shut down of public places on Sunday (March 15). They also announced closure of schools, bars, restaurants, sex clubs, and cannabis cafes in order to contain the coronavirus outbreak. All the restaurants, cafes, and schools are expected to remain shut till April 6.

Picture Credit: Time Out

Cancellations Leading To Losses

Netherlands is a popular tourist destination. Over the years, it has attracted numerous people from around the world. The upcoming months are also the busiest time of the year for this part of the world, and because of the outbreak, it has taken a major hit. Many people have cancelled their bookings due to the spread, which is leading to huge losses which is now being faced by the government.

Picture Credit: Pixabay

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It was reported that ‘the number of confirmed coronavirus infections in the Netherlands rose by 176 to 1,135 on Sunday, with 20 deaths.’ This statement was released by the Dutch National Institute for Public Health.