Prisons Are Shutting Down In Netherlands Because It’s So Safe

by Madhusree Chatragadda
Prisons Are Shutting Down In Netherlands Because It’s So Safe

A country so safe it’s having to shut down its prisons and fill the remaining ones with criminals from abroad? Yes, there actually is one and it’s the Netherlands. Can’t say we’re surprised because the Netherlands sure has it all figured out. Whether in terms of gender equality, equal pay or child rights, it has set up standards that the whole world aspires to follow. And now, with such low criminal rates, it is once again giving us goals for a better future. What do you think?

Why Is the Netherlands So Safe?

Incarceration rate. It all boils down to this. What does it mean? The rate at which a country confines its criminals inside prisons is counted as the incarceration rate. And this is very low in the Netherlands. It is due to how this nation chooses to focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment. It engages with the criminals in a way that they can mend their lives. In fact, a good half of the offenders did not indulge in any more offences in 2018 as per a survey.

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How Are The Low Crime Rates Achieved?

The method used to curb the activities is that of electronic tagging. It comprises of a device strapped to the ankle that monitors every action. Many criminals are released with this device attached and encouraged to get back to work. And that’s how constant monitoring is done without just the idea of punishment but a strong need to rehabilitate these criminals.


What’s More?

Did you know that the United States Of America has the largest incarceration rates in their prisons as of 2018 reports? China and Russia form the other two major countries in the world with high incarceration rates.

What do you think should be adopted for our country? A method that rehabilitates criminals so that they can contribute to the economy as well or simple punishments and imprisonment as a way to deal with our crime rates?

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