Netherlands Issues The First Ever Gender Neutral Passport

by Kritika Kukreja
Netherlands Issues The First Ever Gender Neutral Passport

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The Netherlands has issued the first ever gender-less passport after an intersex Dutch individual put forth an argument that people might have issues regarding self-determination.

What Is It?

A Dutch person who identified as intersex won a case against the government and received her first gender-less passport. She was born and raised as a boy, but later underwent surgery to become a female. She didn’t identify as one of the genders and hence, wanted a gender-less passport. It lead Netherlands release its first ever gender-less passport making self-determination better in individuals that deal with gender identity issues. 

What Now?

For anyone in Netherlands, a gender X is added for their passport. If someone wishes to fall under the category of X, they can apply for it. Once the application is filled, the courts/officials will decide whether gender X will be appropriate for a particular person, so the final decision lies with the officials.

This move has got mixed reactions from social media. While some are happy about the decision, some believe that will create confusion for the people with gender X while travelling to other countries.