Not Using Your Vacation Days Makes You Less Productive At Work, Say Experts

by Sanjana Shenoy
Not Using Your Vacation Days Makes You Less Productive At Work, Say Experts

When was the last time you badly wanted to take a paid leave from work to go vacationing with your family? But then the fear of becoming less productive at work overpower your travel desires? Well, experts have said that not using your vacation days can make you less productive at work. Experts have stated that taking an occasional break from work, utilising your paid leaves and going on a vacation can surely make you more efficient at your job. It can help you to disconnect from work and approach it with a fresher, energised perspective.

What Do Studies State?

Dr Rebecca Gilbert, a health educator at Indiana University, specializes in therapeutic recreation stated from her own experiences and studies that it’s important to give oneself the permission to take a break. She noted that if people don’t utilize their paid leaves and go on vacations then there can be a build-up of stress and result in physical consequences. She stated that unlike what most people believe, their career is not going to be adversely affected if they leave for a week. She went on to declare that a less stressed workforce is more productive.

Apart from stress relief, taking a vacation can have numerous personal benefits. Stepping outside your ordinary lives, trying different lifestyles and letting ourselves be the person we choose to be can truly be rejuvenating. Whether it’s galavanting in a European destination, eating exotic meals or even unwinding at the beach experts say that this would be a chance where you can not only recharge but grow too. Dr Rebecca Gilbert stated that you can develop a better sense of self and even learn a lot about yourself if, you use your vacation days and go travelling.

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What’s More?

David Huether, the Senior Vice President of Research at the US Travel Association stated to a reputed travel agency that the first barrier to travel is the cost. The second reason why people shy away from travelling is that they feel its too difficult to get away from work. Heuther further said that it’s important to show travellers that there is a wide variety of options that they have. And they also have a wider array of travel options suitable for every budget. In spite of this, many people feel guilty to take a break from work and opt for a staycation.

Edward Hirt, a professor of psychological and brain sciences at Indiana University stated that the idea of people having to work extremely hard to where they have got is instilled in people. There is also a belief system that if you do take a break from work then other people will work much harder and surpass you. Dr Matthew Grawitch, a professor who holds a PhD in psychology at Saint Louis University’s School for Professional Studies revealed that this is a troubling notion that comes from top-down. He further went on to say that people need to use their vacation days to disconnect, recharge, pursue other interests. He said that a part of this problem is that many people don’t know the importance of disconnecting. And hectic work culture without taking adequate breaks and even paid leaves becomes ingrained in one’s culture. Check out Every Birthday, I Gift Myself A Solo Vacation Instead Of Throwing A Party

What Do Indian Researches Say?

The 2018 Vacation Deprivation report released by online travel portal Expedia stated that Indians are the most vacation deprived people in the world. In a survey conducted in 19 countries, India ranked the highest for being vacation deprived followed by South Korea and Hong Kong. Around 75% of Indians feel deprived and have also topped the market for unused vacations. Indian employees hesitate to take leaves for the fear of missing out on work decisions, fear of being seen as less committed and also finding it difficult to coordinate a time with their travel companion. The study also said that around 18% of Indians were of the notion that people who are successful at their job, don’t take vacations. These studies conducted last year state that 53% of Indians take fewer paid leaves than what they get. And they end up feeling guilty for taking paid leaves for vacationing or even get diverted by work while vacationing. Other Research Says Drinking Wine Is Better Than Exercise

What Do We Think?

‘All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy’ this simple childhood phrase pretty much sums up the entire study what researchers in psychology convey. All work and no vacations might make you an unproductive employee. So we suggest you take those well-deserved breaks and go vacationing with your friends and family. Put your phone on silent and disconnect from work. You have nothing to feel guilty about when it comes to taking some time out for yourself. It will definitely help you to become a better person and a more productive employee. And if you need a little inspiration to make those travel plans, watch the video below.