Research Says Drinking Wine Is Better Than Exercise

by Kritika Kukreja
Research Says Drinking Wine Is Better Than Exercise

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If you want the trick for a long life, we’ve got it for you. According to a new research, drinking wine will help you live past 90 and it’s definitely preferred over exercising!

What Is It?

According to the study, The Leisure World Cohort Study (LWCS), the secret to a longer life is drinking wine.. what?! In this study, a team of experts varied the pros and cons, risk factors, health-related changes and the clinical pathology of common diseases and came to this conclusion. The researchers claimed that people who drank moderate amounts of wine lived longer than people who only exercised. And why only wine? Keep reading!

In the research, people who drank one or two glasses of wine each day were at a 15% lower risk of mortality, whereas people who exercised 30 minutes per day showed the same results. Basically, it’s always easier to drink the wine than sweat it out on a treadmill!

Red wine

Types Of Wines

The data collected only held its ground with certain types of wines – particularly red wines. Other than that, alcohol acts as a very dangerous drug to the body, often harming most of the organs. But if rightly consumed in moderate amounts, it can lead to plenty of benefits. It shows lowered cholesterol rates which shows an improvement in your heart’s health, a lowered risk of heart attacks, increased good cholesterol levels and better blood flow to the organs. 


Like every drug, alcohol should also be consumed in doses. For people over 65, one glass of red wine a day is sufficient, whereas for people younger, 2 glasses is good enough. 

Red wine