Now You Can Bring Your Own Food At Multiplexes In Maharashtra

by Kritika Kukreja
Now You Can Bring Your Own Food At Multiplexes In Maharashtra

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Movie goers will now be able to take their own food inside multiplexes without any additional costs!

What Is It?

We’ve been complaining about the high rates of food in multiplexes for a long time, but this will come as good news to you because now you can carry your own food inside multiplexes. It isn’t a surprise that this news came 2 weeks after the incident in Pune where a multiplex employee was assaulted by moviegoers over the higher rates for food.

The food supply minister Ravindra Chavan claims that there can’t be 2 prices for a particular dish and now action shall be taken against any multiplex that doesn’t allow people to carry their food items. 

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What Else?

Along with allowing outside food inside the multiplexes, the prices for food inside will also be reduced according to the affordability of middle-class families. So general items like tea, coffee, water bottles, snacks, etc will be served at much lower rates than before. 

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