Odisha Villagers Find Gold Particles In Muddy Water Drawn From A Borewell In Balangir District

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Odisha Villagers Find Gold Particles In Muddy Water Drawn From A Borewell In Balangir District

What can you expect when you draw water from a borewell? Water and probably soil remnants. But the villagers of Nandupala village under Khaprakhol block were greeted by the most unusual surprise. On Friday, a borewell in the Balangir district near Harishankar was found dispensing water with soil remnants and also gold particles. The villagers were in complete shock and disbelief. 

Odisha Villagers Found Gold In Muddy Water

With the aid of a pump set, Javed, a resident of the village, removed the muddy water and soil remains from the recently dug borewell on Friday. He was surprised to discover some pieces and fragments of bright yellow metal floating with the mud and earth. He thought the metal shavings were pieces of gold. 

Soon the news spread across the entire village like a wildfire. The locals informed the Khaprakhol tehsildar Aditya Prasad Mishra. He visited the spot to check on the matter for himself. The block development officer (BDO) and the police officials also reached the site with the tehsildar. 

Villagers too thronged to the place after listening to the news of this unusual discovery, to see it themselves, as per a report by Odisha Bytes. 

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Samples Have Been Sent To Laboratory

BDO Rashmi Ranjan Rout and IIC Ramakant Sahu themselves went to the site and inspected the pieces. They noticed that these particles found in the borewell shone in the torchlight. They gathered samples for a laboratory analysis because they suspected that the bright golden granules might be gold.

The tehsildar, Aditya Prasad Mishra, informed the journalists that the laboratory test results would pull back the curtains and let us know whether these particles were gold or not. 

After the news of gold particles spread like wildfire in the village, the villagers were extremely happy. The presence of different metal reserves in the foothills of Gandhamardan was previously discussed in a number of forums. According to the locals, only the mining department can determine whether the community has gold reserves.

The district of Balangir is known for holding reserves of manganese, gem stones, and graphite. 

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