Oh Fish, It’s Alive! This Fish Served At A Restaurant Bites Into Chopsticks; Internet Is Stunned

fish restaurant
by Shreya Rathod

We love to relish seafood whether it is fish, shrimp or any other delicacy. But have you ever thought if the fish that you are eating is really dead? What if it comes to life? Weird, right? Not really! At this restaurant, a customer was served live fish! Take a look at this viral video that will make you think twice before ordering fish at any restaurant.

Oh Fish, It’s Alive!

A Twitterati, Oddly Terrifying, posted a video on 13th February that has gone viral. Why? Well, the video starts by showing a plate with two fish on it. Further, the video shows a person poking the fish with a chopstick. Soon, one of them opens its mouth and bites the chopstick. This whole video is played for twelve seconds, and it has over nine million views. The tweet is captioned as ‘fish served at restaurant bites chopstick’.

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This video is supposed to be of a restaurant in Japan where the man had his first experience of having a green eel goby, also known as warasubo.

Reacting To This Weird Food

The Internet is stunned by this kind of weird food. Even an American rock band called ‘The Nearly Deads’ commented on this tweet suggesting that the fish needs more time on the skillet. Another person, who claimed to be working in the culinary industry, said that this is a dangerous practice and he hasn’t seen something live served at any restaurant.

Steve Zaragoza, a Mexican comedian, commented that ‘people look at this and say that their mouth is watering’. Many users have expressed their disgust and horror at the live fish served at the restaurant. But talking about hilarious comments, one user wrote that ‘between his food and himself, he would like to be the one eating’.

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Tell us what you think about this weird dish. And will you ever order one of these for yourself?

Cover Image Credits: Canva Image