Omelette Hai Ya Bedsheet? Viral Video Of Paper Omelette Is Wowing Netizens And How!

by Shreya Ghosh
Omelette Hai Ya Bedsheet? Viral Video Of Paper Omelette Is Wowing Netizens And How!

Eggs have always been one of our favourite things to eat. Be it for breakfast, lunch, snacks, or dinner, anything and everything prepared with eggs tastes delicious. One of the most commonly prepared dishes with eggs is omelette. When we make omelettes at home, we usually make small or medium-sized ones that fit on a pan. But have you seen a huge omelette as thin as paper? If not, you can see it now!

We Are Craving This Super-Thin Omelette

This video of preparing a paper-like thin omelette was first posted on TikTok. Later, the Instagram page Techzexpress (@techzexpress) shared it on the platform.


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The video shows how a man cooks an omelette with such ease. He begins the process by taking some well-beaten eggs and pouring them on a heated wok. The wok has some oil grease on it and the egg pouring style is quite unique. He tilts the vessel to pour the mixture. The most exciting part of the video is when he rotates the wok slowly and spreads the beaten egg in all parts of it. Without using no other utensils, he made the smoothest paper omelette.

After cooking it well, he pulls out the entire omelette and keeps it aside. When he puts the fried egg separately, the equal thinness all around can be seen clearly. Also, we could not point to any gas or stove in the video. It seems like he has heated the pan really well beforehand only.

Netizens Are Super Impressed!

Making an omelette in a proper shape and maintaining the proper density at once is not at all an easy thing to do. One needs exceptional cooking skills to cook a great omelette that has the proper thinness all around it. The man cooking truly has some great expertise and the viral video shows it aptly.

This video of making this paper omelette on a wok has been making rounds on social media. Shared on Instagram on 18 May 2023, it currently has garnered more than 1.4 million views with over 51K likes and so many comments. Instagram users have some names for this dish according to its shape and size. From egg bedsheets to egg blankets, Netizens are suggesting some interesting names.

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Have you ever tried out any dish that looks so massive?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Techzexpress (@techzexpress) (950637200 on TT)