Kya Maaza Omelette Is The Aam Joh Aapki Pyaas Bujhaega? Internet Doesn’t Think So!

Mango Omelette
by Mallika Khurana

If we were given a chance to vote for things that represent love, we would certainly replace roses with mangoes. These yellow, juicy fruits please our hearts instantly and often take us back to our childhood, when we used to hog countless mangoes. The ‘king of fruits’ is one of the most prominent parts of our beautiful childhood memories. Now, how would you feel if someone tried to ruin those? If you cannot bear the thought of this happening, read with caution. Recently, a bizarre video surfaced on the Internet and left Netizens crushed. This video showed a street food vendor who attempted to make a mango omelette with Maaza.

A Street Food Vendor Is Selling Mango Omelette

We normally associate Maaza with ‘Maazo Lao, Aam Ki Pyaas Bujhao’, but it seems really difficult to do so after encountering this cruel act against mangoes as well as omelettes. It truly doesn’t sound fair to either of these things. Take a look at this video shared by The Great Indian Foodie, an Instagram food blogger. In the caption of this video, he expressed his dilemma of deciding if this is crueller for mango lovers or for omelette lovers, and we totally get it.

This vendor made some sunny-side-up eggs and set them aside. While we waited for something delicious to follow, our worst nightmares came true when he sauteed some chillies, onions, and egg yolks with a bottle of Maaza. To make it worse, he added another bottle of Maaza after some boiled egg white chunks. Once it reached a gravy-like consistency, he poured it on top of the fried eggs. To break our hearts even more, he grated a lot of cheese to finish this bizarre thing.

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The Bizarre Creation Is Making Netizens Cringe Hard

Weird food trends

Photo Credits: Instagram/The Great Indian Foodie

Naturally, people didn’t take it well and wanted answers. This video got 864K views and there are hardly any people who feel okay after watching this. To express their concern and seek answers, the audience showered this post with comments.

While some proposed a serious check over what weird food combinations street food vendors sell, others questioned if people are actually eating this. Some people were even pointing out the disastrous amount of oil that was used to cook this. Irrespective of the confusing taste of this weird dish, it certainly isn’t good for your health. Eggs topped with oil, sugary drinks, and cheese don’t sound like a great idea.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/The Great Indian Foodie