Zurimanz In Kashmir Will Become A Must-Visit Tourist Destination Soon

by Vaishalee Kalvankar

Kashmir is truly paradise on earth, and all the people who have visited it already know how true it is! It is famous among tourists for its pleasant weather, snow-capped mountains, scenic valleys, local handicrafts, people, and culture. One of its charming villages, named Zurimanz, which is also known as Bangladesh, is garnering a lot of attention from tourists these days. With increasing footfalls, it is on its way to becoming a must-visit destination in Kashmir. 

Kashmir’s Charming Village: Zurimanz

Zurimanz, which is also known as Bangladesh, is a beautiful village nestled in North Kashmir’s Bandipora district. The village is located right along the banks of Wular Lake. This lake is known as one of the largest freshwater lakes in South Asia. 

This village is garnering a lot of footfall these days because of its stunning natural beauty, breathtaking surroundings, and the lake. People can indulge in a lot of activities here, like boating, fishing, and birdwatching. 

The beauty of this place is simply awe-inspiring. The locals here are fishermen and are excited about this hidden gem becoming a tourist attraction soon. The villagers believe that this place will attract more tourists if it is developed and the government provides better facilities. (As per Hindustan Times)


credits: wikimedia commons

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First Ever Shikara Is Launched

The tourists are simply in awe of the amazing view this village offers. Two brothers from the Zurimanz hamlet, Firdous Ahmad Bhat (42) and Ghulam Hassan (40), decided to boost tourism in this village. They came up with an idea, created the first-ever shikara, and also launched it in the Wular Lake. 

Their idea was to entice more tourists to the lake and also improve their means of sustenance. They believe that this lake is a must-visit in the village, and tourists should not miss it! The locals also look at it as a great initiative to bring life to this forgotten lake. 

The locals are ready to extend all the support they can to the government in developing this place as a hotspot. The government has also committed to providing all the necessary facilities to the locals and increasing their standard of living. 


credits: wikimedia commons

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