One Day Getaway Guide For Delhiites Who Live For Weekends Because Dil Chahta Hai

by Vidisha Khaitan
One Day Getaway Guide For Delhiites Who Live For Weekends Because Dil Chahta Hai

Delhi is surrounded by three states at an hour’s distance. Sure, often they cause problems but there’s pros and cons to everything. We have the most major pros today. Here are 10 amazing destinations close enough for a day trip getaway. No need to wait for work leaves or kids’ breaks. Just pack a picnic and a toothbrush for a short way to exploration. We are so focused on world travel these days that we spend all our time saving money and time. We forget we can live now instead of postponing life. After all, we were lucky enough to be born in a multi-faceted country like India where culture changes every 200 km. Let’s make the most of it so we can die knowing we have traveled.

1. The Wondrous Taj Mahal

Picture Credit: Wikipedia

If you live in Delhi and still haven’t seen this magnificent mahal you should just drown yourselves in the fountains of Taj Mahal. It’s one expressway away. Forget about Paris, visit your next-door neighbour. The season is perfect right now too. Getaway for a day and come back with the best pictures.

Where: Agra

2. Take A Culture Trip To Fatehpur Sikri

Picture Credit: fabhotels

Akbar gave us another Mughal style wonderland, made of red this time. This fortified city was his capital for 15 years. Now it is a UNESCO world heritage site. Jodha Bai’s palace, Jama Mosque, Buland Darwaza and a Tomb of Salim Chisti rest within the 11km walls of the Indo-Islamic getaway.

Where: Uttar Pradesh

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3. Splurge At Neemrana

Picture Credit: Neemrana Hotels

Alwar’s biggest tourist attraction needs no introduction. The palace was built by Rajputs so you can imagine the grandiose. People often whisk their lovers away for a one-day getaway to the magnanimous, quiet and relaxing fort. What are you waiting for?

Where: Rajasthan

4. Take A Dip In Damdama Lake

Picture Credit: holidify

The natural reservoir is just an hour away from Delhi, off the Gurgaon-Alwar road. Over 190 species of native and migratory birds replace silence with music, specially in the monsoons. Between that and rising water levels, monsoon is the best time to visit the 3,000-acre paradise painted with Aravalli hills all around.

Where: Gurgaon

5. A Bubbly Break At Vrindavan

Picture Credit: krishna bhumi

Everyone knows but no one goes, why? It’s got great weather most of the year, food is amazing, do not skip the creamy lassi. History buffs would love visiting the temples where walls speak of bygones. Atheists should head straight to Iskcon and dance to the soul-calming chant.

Where: Uttar Pradesh

6. Monster Parathas Murthal

Picture Credit: cyberspaceandtime

This one is for the foodies. Take a Rang De Basanti style drive to dip your parathas in butter. Listen to music the whole way there and jam with your best buds. There are more than 50 dhabas there but of course there’s only one we’d recommend, as would everyone else: Amrik Sukhdev.

Where: Gurgaon

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7. See A New Side Of Jat Tradition At Kuchesar

Picture Credit: blessings on the net (for rep)

Jat rulers, mud fort and Ganga are not why you should go. The 18th century Kuchesar Fort built in Mughal style by Jat rulers is why you should go at least once. It has evolved into the Rao Raj Vilas encircled by 100 acres of mangroves. Rooms have private courtyards and overhead arches making you feel like royalty. This is the perfect place for a quick luxury getaway.

Where: Delhi

8. The Unknown Architectural Gallery Nuh

Picture Credit: mapsofindia

Aryans were here, and then came the Tughlaq Dynasty, but you should go because it’s a peaceful getaway. There are mesmerizing architectural marvels like the Shaking Monument! Red sandstone adds character to grey quartzite, all covered in carvings. Did we mention this one-day getaway is only 70 km away at an altitude of 190 m!

Where: Haryana

9. Just Give In To Nature At Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

Picture Credit: Haryana Tourism

Watch European birds 40 km from Dhaula Kuan among a whopping 250 species in peak season. The Haryana declared its green patch a National Park to protect the wildlife, flora and fauna for nature enthusiast. This getaway has been designed to provide a sense of peace and leisure.

Where: Haryana

10. Unwind At The Enthralling Noor Mahal

Picture Credit: makemytrip

Forget your worries in the city and spend two hours to sleep in the lap of opulence. A 5-star haven, this hotel has everything your tired mind and city heart could ever want on a one-day getaway. Picture the most lavish hospitality of Rajasthan, now blend it with Mughal palaces.

Where: Karnal

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Delhi is the best place for one day getaway options. You will never fall short because we’ll keep churning more out. Start on your bucket list. Discovering India is easier than you think. Everything begins at home so why should travel be an exception? Delhi is the center for tourists and they often end up wasting extra days lazing around within the city. Rent a car, book an uber, take a bus or hop onto a local train, it’s super accessible. All the barriers are only in our minds. One day trips are easy, fun and mandatory in the 40-hour work week life.