Over 100 Families Clapped Together In Noida To Celebrate This Adorable 97 Yr Old’s Birthday

by Natasha Monteiro
Over 100 Families Clapped Together In Noida To Celebrate This Adorable 97 Yr Old’s Birthday

How big was your last birthday party? 10 people, 30 people maybe or even 50 people? Well, this adorable ‘young man’ celebrated his 97th birthday recently and he is SO LOVED that over 100 families from across the building complex headed out into their balconies and clapped for him to show their love & happiness. Talk about a big bang party! I mean, just take a look at this!

In such a time of despair, it is so heart-warming to know that people are still choosing happiness and celebration first. We reached out to this man’s grandson, Rohit and asked him just how he managed to pull off such a wonderful celebration. Read on!

Curly Tales: That was quite a wonderful gesture by your building complex. Tell us a little about your grandfather & where you live
Rohit Singh: My grandfather’s name is C. P. Singh. He is 97 years old and is a World War II veteran and is as young as any one of us. We live in a lovely gated complex in Noida.

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Curly Tales: How did you manage to organise such a wonderful celebration? You must be very attached to your grandfather
Rohit Singh: Actually it wasn’t me! Shweta Aggarwal, a co resident organised this on the ‘Owners group’ on WhatsApp. That being said, I am extremely attached to my grandfather and vice versa. We share a very special relation. When I was a toddler, he would take me everywhere with him and never let me get down from his arms. He used to look after my morning routine for school too. Now, I am his personal barber, I take care of his personal hygiene, I do all his banking related work. I sometimes take him for evening walks as well. Whenever I come late from a shoot or I’m flying back late, he always waits for me till the moment I enter the house.

Curly Tales: That is indeed a special bond you’ve got there! Clearly, he is very well loved by everyone around him too!
Rohit Singh: He is the oldest male member in our complex and is indeed very very loved and respected. And what’s not to love? Even to this day, he is an inspiration to everyone around him and me. Even at this age he exercises, does his daily yoga, walks in the house and believe it or not, lifts dumbbells. He also loves to read and is very particular about his diet.

Curly Tales: What else did you’ll do to bring in his birthday?
Rohit Singh: Because of the ongoing lockdown we couldn’t do much. My in laws who stay in the same complex came over to our place. My mother cooked his favourite meals, and my mother in law baked a sugar-free, low fat cake. There was a cake cutting ceremony as well.

Now tell me, isn’t this the most adorable thing you’ve read all day, that makes you go fuzzy on the insides? And just in case, this story hasn’t already made you want to go hug your grandparents, here is an adorable message from Singh Uncle to everyone who wished him and celebrated his birthday with him.