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Palash Sen
by Ananya Singh 193

Every ’90s girl wants someone to sing a Palash Sen song for her! The underlying theme of every song of him is love, and we were swooning when he sang for us in our series, Tere Gully Mein. The episode was full of melody, food, stories, and charcha over coffee. The singer is a true Delhite. He abides by the words, “Mera ghar, mera pata, meri shaan, Delhi meri jaan.” In conversation with Kamiya Jani, our Editor-in-chief, he shares how people in the capital are portrayed wrongly because of the crimes. 

Palash Sen’s Connection With The Indian Capital

“Dilliwale dil wale hote hai.” That’s what Palash Sen believes in. Frontman of well-known Indian pop and rock band Euphoria, Palash Sen discusses his affection for Delhi. He shares the reasons why he prefers to stay in the nation’s capital with Curly tales. Born in Lucknow and raised in Jammu, Palash Sen came to Delhi when he was six years old. The singer feels his life COMPLETELY changed after he came to Delhi. However, he still feels he’s adjusting to Delhi as life here is very different from his hometown (Jammu and Varanasi). 

Sen describes Delhi as the home of “dil-wallahs.” The singer feels Delhi’s enthusiasm is unparalleled, mirrored in the city’s cuisine culture. Food flourishes anywhere there is love when people are passionate about who they are. Palash Sen says that Delhites have been wrongly portrayed because of the crimes. To him, the people of this city are there in your good times and the bad times. 

“Delhi Meri Jaan”

Palash Sen

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Palash Sen believes whatever he has today, he owes it to Delhi. He recalls, “A lot of people shifted to Mumbai. They were working over there. But I don’t like to stay away from my home, and that is Delhi.” He used to live in Railway colony on Panchkuian road near CP. His relationship with Delhi is strong as he lived the best moments of his life here; right from schooling to studying medicine to marriage.

Palash Sen expressed his affection for the capital city by sharing his fond memories. The opening lines of singer Palash Sen’s 2010 song, Delhi Meri Jaan—the anthem for the capital for the Commonwealth Games that year—easily convey his love and affection for his Delhi. 

To know more about how Palash Sen started Euphoria and schooling days, watch the video above!

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