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Palash Sen
by Ananya Singh 179

Every ’90s teenager has always looked up to Palash Sen, the calming voice behind songs like Maeri, Kabhi Aana Tu Meri Gully, and countless others. His music still brings back many happy childhood memories and feels like a breath of fresh air. Palash Sen is a lyricist, composer, and orthopaedic surgeon by profession. In conversation with Kamiya Jani, our Editor-in-Chief, the singer shares his special connection with Jammu. 

Palash Sen’s Connection With Jammu

Sen, born in Lucknow, moved to Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) soon after. He recalls experiencing culture shock after relocating to Delhi when he was just about six years old. Coming to Delhi was a big adjustment for him because he was raised in Jammu-Kashmir and then resided in Banaras, both of which are relatively small towns. He was surprised to find a city with vehicles and buses that was so busy and hectic. He says, “Because my parents were doctors, they didn’t have much time. So it was my nana nani who raised me.” Palash frequently travelled between Jammu and Srinagar as his maternal grandfather was a judge in the J&K High Court. He shares that Jammu was his life. Mountains, winters and snow were a part of his life. 

Did you know the journey the singer’s mother took from Lahore to Jammu and Kashmir after the country’s partition? Speaking of his headstrong and opinionated mother, Palash Sen shared how her mother walked from Lahore to Jammu when she was only eight years old. She did all that while she carried her four years old brother in her arms. He further disclosed that she left her home at the age of 17 to pursue an MBBS degree. Palash Sen is a doctor, too, just like his parents.

Does The Singer Practice Medicine?

Palash Sen

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When Euphoria’s lead singer started working in Bollywood, his parents were not happy with it. So he promised his mother that if he was doing it, he would do it with dignity. Palash Sen assured them they would never find him in any controversy or video where they feel ashamed. There was one more promise he gave to his mom that he would never give up on his medicine. The celebrity says, “So I’ve never given up my promise. I have a clinic, and a studio beside it called “clinic”.

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Walk the gullies of Delhi and live the childhood days of Palash Sen with the video linked above!

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