Paris’s Seine River Will Soon Open For Swimming, 1st Time Since 1923

by Shreya Shriyan
Paris’s Seine River Will Soon Open For Swimming, 1st Time Since 1923

Paris has had a long-standing reputation for being a romantic destination with its Eiffel Tower and pretty cafes to offer. But, this reputation has been jeopardised by the new “stinky” look the city has gotten. Piles of garbage lying on the ground and the murky Seine River were part of this look. But, this is soon going to change. Paris is on a cleaning spree and thanks to that, soon you’ll be able to swim in the Seine River.

Paris’s Seine River Is Set To Be Swimmable Once Again

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Paris, the French capital, is all set to make its once-beautiful Seine River, swimmable again for its people and well, its fish. Swimming had been banned in the river in an effort to save swimmers’ currents, river traffic and water pollution, reported InsideHook.

Paris’ €1.4 billion clean-up initiative appears to be yielding positive results. The French capital is approaching the final stages of a historic clean-up effort ahead of the upcoming Paris Olympics. The city’s first in 100 years. As a result, swimmers will soon return to the once-polluted River Seine.

The Seine is scheduled to host three Olympic and Paralympic events – triathlon, marathon swimming, and Para-triathlon. Additionally, by the summer of 2025, the public will have access to three open-air swimming areas, reported TimeOut.

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The City Of Love Is Gearing Up To Welcome Its 1st Olympics In 100 Years

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But, wait. How safe will it really be? While efforts to make the river safe again have been going on since 2018, the city still hasn’t reached its final goal. The idea is to focus on sewage pollution by building a giant, 46,000-cubic-metre water tank. This water tank will be built under a public garden on the left bank of the river, stated the reports.

The Seine River, flowing through the heart of Paris, has been historically plagued by pollution issues. Over the years, industrial activities, urban sewage, and waste disposal have contributed to the deterioration of its water quality. 

This pollution has posed significant environmental challenges, affecting marine life and restricting recreational activities along the river. In response to these concerns, authorities have undertaken a massive clean-up effort. 

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They have started investing substantial resources to restore the Seine’s health and make it suitable for various events.

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