Parts Of Shimla Engulfed By Forest Fires; Should It Affect Travel?

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Parts Of Shimla Engulfed By Forest Fires; Should It Affect Travel?

Himachal Pradesh has been plagued by an ongoing dry spell that has not only damaged crops but also caused raging forest fires which have damaged pines and other trees in the mid belt forests. Across the state, 503 many such incidents have been reported since April 1. An incident occurred yesterday in a forest near the locality of Tuttikandi on the outskirts of Shimla. 

Forest Fire Spread And Surrounded An Orphanage

A forest fire spread and surrounded a government-run orphanage building in the capital’s  Tuttikandi locality. Around 93 girls were rescued from the fire. The locals and the staff in the building helped the resume with smart acts until the firefighters arrived. An ambulance was called and some girls were shifted to the woman’s working hostel while some were shifted to Mashobra’s government-run orphanage. Another forest fire broke out at Himachal Hospital of Mental Health and Rehabilitation in Shimla. 

Picture Credits: Hindustan Times

How Will It Affect Travel?

In the afternoon, Shimla town was engulfed by thick smoke, but intermittent showers cleared the air in the evening. Because of the consequent fire, the surrounding area is also getting affected and so is the travel. People are postponing their trips to Shimla and other surrounding areas owing to the fire incidents being reported. The forest fire degrades the air quality with the smoke that rises because of it and also the fire spreads to the local areas as in the latest incidents. 

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