Brazil Rejects Aid From G7 Countries To Put Out Amazon Rainforest Fire

by Mrunal Mahajan
Brazil Rejects Aid From G7 Countries To Put Out Amazon Rainforest Fire

On Monday, Brazil rejected help from G7 countries to put out the wildfire in the Amazon rainforest. World leaders at the G7 summit that happened in France pledged to spend USD 22 million as an aid. But the French president, Emmanuel Macron was asked to worry about “France and it’s colonies.”

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The chief of staff of the Presidency, Onyx Lorenzoni said “Thank you but maybe these resources would be more useful for restoring the forests of Europe. Macron has even failed to prevent a foreseeable fire in the cathedral, which is a world heritage site but wants to teach us how to deal with our country. He has many things to do in France and French colonies,” as reported by the Business Standard.

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There are also reports that say that Brazilian Environment Minister, Ricardo Salles had agreed to the aid provided by the G7 countries and deployed the army. But after a meeting that happened between Bolsanaro and his ministers, the government decided to not go through with the help.

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Lorenzoni said that the country is a democracy, a free nation and it never had colonialist and imperialist practices, as perhaps is the objective of the Frenchman Macron. The tensions between these two countries will result in the planet to lose its lungs.

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This is the worst fire the world has seen and the Amazon rainforest is burning at a record number of fires this year. For 2 weeks or more, the Amazon rainforest has seen massive wildfires and almost 73,000 fires have been recorded by Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research. The data shows an 84% increase in the Amazon rainforest fires since 2018.