Coffee Meets Scallions! China’s Newest ‘Dark Cuisine’ Coffee Trend Is Going Viral

In this viral trend, China is brewing coffee with a fusion.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Coffee Meets Scallions! China’s Newest ‘Dark Cuisine’ Coffee Trend Is Going Viral

Remember that epic era when everyone was whisking away coffee, sugar and water to make Dalgona coffee? It feels like a lifetime ago—crazy times, right? We have seen a lot of coffee experiments over the years but this viral coffee trend in China has out-of-world ingredients, leaving netizens in utter confusion. They even sectioned it under Dark Cuisine. Is it that dark or is it making them cry? Why cry, you ask? Well, this viral new coffee version uses scallions!

China’s Scallion Coffee Latte, A Dark Cuisine, Is Trending

Coffee aficionados go crazy for their tall cups of coffee! They have a perfect ratio for every little detail that goes into their drink. We’re sure they will go bonkers when they hear about the newest coffee trend going viral on Instagram. This coffee is served with chopped-up scallions—that is too many scoops of it! A bit too onion-y for our taste, honestly!

This viral coffee drink is made with chopped-up scallions, also known as spring onions, chunks of ice cubes, milk and coffee. Lastly, the server sprinkles some more scallions on top as decoration. What in the world is this?

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Netizens have put it under ‘Dark Cuisine’ or ‘hei an liao li’. Dark cuisine trends are another popular term used in China for all the bizarre and out-of-the-world food creations where one’s sensibilities are put to the test. Most of the dishes are the ones that twist conventional culinary standards. Does scallion coffee pass the Dark Cuisine test?

Add A Scoop Of Disgust To It As Well

Scallion Coffee Latte
Image Courtesy: Instagram/jintianchinatan

Remember when someone would cut up fruits for you but the knife was not cleaned properly and you could taste the previously cut onion juices on your freshly cut fruits? With this coffee, we imagine something like that but much worse.

On the other hand, the world has been introduced to delish Lavender coffee with numerous benefits and a decent taste for a latte, while there are no known benefits for scallion coffee. People who are open to exploring bizarre food combos or experimental coffee drinks are curious to try the controversial scallion coffee. Hence, despite backlash, coffee vendors in China are selling and profiting off of this new addition to the Dark Cuisine.

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Would you ever be brave enough to try a scallion latte?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/jintianchinatan

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