Starbucks In China Has Launched A Limited Edition Drink, Pork-Flavored Coffee, To Celebrate Lunar New Year

There is a new coffee flavour in the land of China, it is Starbucks pork-flavored coffee!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Starbucks In China Has Launched A Limited Edition Drink, Pork-Flavored Coffee, To Celebrate Lunar New Year

Starbucks is known to tweak their menu according to its geographical location and give a local taste to its audience. Sometimes it is a hit and sometimes it is a miss. This time around for China’s Lunar New Year, they decided to launch a limited-edition beverage. It is a pork-flavoured coffee called Lucky Savory Latte!

Pork-Flavored Coffee, A New Addition To The Menu Of Starbucks China

Starbucks China has introduced a limited edition coffee, Lucky Savory Latte, to celebrate the Lunar New Year which was on February 10th. This time they have experimented with pork flavours infused in coffee! Yes, you read that right. The reason behind the unique flavour of this drink is that it is inspired by Dongpo braised pork.

Dongpo braised pork is a traditional Hangzhou dish that is prepared during family gatherings and the fact that consuming meat is known to bring prosperity and wealth in the new year. It is a known fact the market of coffee is very popular in China and Starbucks has maintained its ground by releasing new flavours once in a while. The people of China have tasted this new pork-flavoured coffee and are surprisingly not against it.

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What Does This Drink Taste Like?

Lucky Savory Latte has basic ingredients such as steamed milk, espresso and Dongpo pork sauce. It is slightly drizzled with extra pork sauce on top of a beautiful latte art which is also garnished with a cooked piece of pork breast meat! Starbucks China has gone all out.

This pork-flavoured coffee drink is a sweet and savoury one where the pork flavour and coffee essence balance each other out. The menu reads that this pork-flavored coffee is priced at 68 yuan which equals to about ₹796.91. Would you be willing to try Lucky Savory Latte for about 800 rupees?

It’s not this one limited edition beverage, they have more in their bags. Starbucks China launched three more flavours – Fortune Almond Macchiato, Red Date Rice Macchiato and Black Sesame Latte.

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You may rush to your nearest Starbucks in China and try the flavour that excites you the most out of this Lunar New Year limited edition beverage because it is till February 26th!

Cover Image Credits: X/hangzhoufeel and Canva

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