Passenger Claims IndiGo Refused Food To His Crying 6-Year-Old

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Passenger Claims IndiGo Refused Food To His Crying 6-Year-Old

We all enjoy food on the flight, don’t we? But what if you are refused food? A passenger recently on the IndiGo6E flight faced something similar. The flyer took his IndiGo experience to Twitter where he revealed that his 6-year-old was hungry and was refused food because the staff prioritized something else. Here is the full story, keep reading

Cabin Crew Refused Serving Food 

A flyer who goes by the name Dr OBGYN (@drnngujarathi) shared his IndiGo6E flight experience on Twitter. He named the experience great stating that his 6-year-old was very hungry and so he requested the cabin crew for some food. The cabin crew refused to serve them any food. The flyer asked them to serve any food that is available and also was willing to pay for the same but the crew refused to say they have to serve the corporate clients first. The flyer’s daughter cried all the time on the flight but the crew still did not serve any food. This is what agitated the flyer and hence he tweeted about the same. 

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IndiGo Responded And Mixed Reactions

IndiGo responded to the tweet apologizing for the incident and also promised to look into the matter. The tweet by the flyer saw mixed reactions on the internet as some supported the flyer and blamed the airlines for their insensitivity. But some said that it was irresponsible on the parent’s end to not have some food stocked up while flying with his 6-year-old. 

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