IndiGo At Fault For Not Allowing Disabled Child To Board Flight: DGCA

by Sanjana Shenoy
IndiGo At Fault For Not Allowing Disabled Child To Board Flight: DGCA

On May 7, the staff of IndiGo airlines faced flack for denying boarding to a specially-abled child and his parents at Ranchi airport. Manisha Gupta, a passenger who witnessed the incident first hand shared images and a detailed account of what happened on Facebook.m Since then the story went viral, where netizens slammed IndiGo and its staff for the apathetic treatment of the specially-abled child. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation ( DGCA) investigated the matter. And revealed in a statement that IndiGo is at fault for disallowing the disabled child from boarding the flight. Read on to know more.

DGCA Says IndiGo Handled Incident Inappropriately

On May 16, DGCA revealed the findings of its investigation of the Ranchi airport incident. DGCA stated that the IndiGo airline staff handled the passengers inappropriately’. Furthermore, the airline regulator missed a show-cause notice to IndiGo. After investigations, DGCA found out that the way IndiGo handled the passengers on that day was non-conforming with the applicable regulations.

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IndiGo on its part stated that the specially-abled child was visibly in panic. So that was the reason they denied him and his parents boarding. An eyewitness account stated that the IndiGo staff apathetically compared the child’s condition to drunkness and teenage tantrums. Meanwhile, the committee submitted its report post the findings. IndiGo has been given an opportunity for personal hearing as well, after which appropriate actions will be taken.