Indigo Faces Probe By DGCA For Denying Differently-Abled Child On A Flight

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Indigo Faces Probe By DGCA For Denying Differently-Abled Child On A Flight

The recent incident that took social media by storm is the IndiGo airlines denying boarding to a differently-abled child seated in a wheelchair at the Ranchi airport. DGCA demanded reports from the airline while Aviation Minister, Jyotiraditya Scindia shamed the airline and assured of investigating the matter himself and taking strict actions.  DGCA has formed a three-member fact-finding body to investigate the matter. 

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DGCA To Conduct A Fact-Finding Enquiry

An official from DGCA revealed that DGCA has decided to conduct a fact-finding enquiry wherein a three-member team by DGCA will visit Hyderabad, where the family stays and also Ranchi to collect appropriate evidence within one week. The strict actions will be based on the said enquiry. 

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IndiGo Spokesperson Claims Following DGCA Guidelines

Rono Dutta, Chief Executive, IndiGo, said that the airport staff had to take the difficult decision keeping the safety guidelines in mind and reviewing all the aspects, as an organisation they feel they made the best possible decision given the situation. A spokesperson from IndiGo said that they followed DGCA guidelines while taking the decision. 

DGCA Guidelines

An IndiGo spokesperson said that DGCA Guidelines, Civil Aviation Requirements 4.4, stipulate that unruly passengers must be closely monitored and, if deemed to threaten the safety and security of other passengers or crew members, denied embarkation or offloaded. Civil aviation requirements section 3, series M, part VI states that all airlines must establish mechanisms to detect and report unruly passenger behaviour at check-in, in the lounge, at the boarding gate, or at any other location within the terminal building that may impact boarding. 

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